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sino indian relations a paradigm shift

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Public Relations in Asia Pacific reflects the growing professionalism in the practice of public relations in the world’s fastest expanding economy. It is a carefully drawn road map, both strategically and tactically, for all manner of entities, for profit and not-for-profit on how to establish and maintain effective relationships with their numerous stakeholders. Particularly insightful are the many examples of public relations in action within the Asia Pacific region. It’s a “must” read for those interested in public relations careers and those new to the profession; and it’s a first-rate refresher for the established professional. —Harold Burson, Founding Chairman, Burson-Marsteller Worldwide Mary Devereux and Anne Peirson-Smith have combined their considerable talents and experience to produce a bible of how public relations is—and should be—practiced in the Asia Pacific. One of its many virtues is that it debunks the myth that PR is just one long lunch hosted by caricature Svengalis and Spin Doctors. Rather, it sets the profession in a cultural context that will be valuable to those starting at PR 101, professionals and corporate executives who want to know how truth can be well told (with all due credit to McCann Erickson). —Kerry McGlynn, Special Adviser, Corporate Communication Department, Cathay Pacific Airways As greater social pluralism, stakeholder influence and internet driven consumer sophistication and empowerment grow relentlessly across nearly all Asian societies, Public Relations in Asia Pacific is a timely guide to the critical role of good public relations. Clear, helpful and with a wealth of good examples of how best practice PR in action can make real and tangible contributions to governments, businesses, NGOs as well as to ordinary people, this is essential reading for anyone concerned with how to communicate well in the world’s fastest growing economic region. —Tim Sutton, Chairman Asia Pacific, Weber Shandwick In an increasingly globalized world, public relations practices and strategies become critical for organizations to communicate effectively to their diverse audiences worldwide. This book is therefore an extremely timely and relevant contribution to PR students and practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region as it provides not only a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts and skills of public relations but also specific case studies which illustrate tactical uses of public relations across a wide range of issues and countries. In my opinion, this book fills a major gap in the understanding of public relations concepts and practices and will constitute a fundamental resource for all those who aspire to excel within the field. —Dr. Indrajit Banerjee, Secretary-General, Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC)

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