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money employment and inflation

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The must-have guide on how to protect yourself during the coming age of hyperinflation The Petersen/Pew Commission on Budget Reform recently warned that the national debt was expected to grow from 40 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2009 to 85 percent in 8 years, 100 percent in 12 years, and 200 percent by 2038. In other words, in just a few years the U.S. will owe twice as much as it produces. Since no conceivable level of taxes and borrowing will enable the country to service such an enormous debt, it is inevitable that government will turn to the same tricks its antecedents have been playing since Ancient Rome: debasing the dollar and letting inflation run rampant. Inflation-Proof Your Portfolio: Protect Your Money from the Coming Government Hyperinflation is your guide to understanding the debt crisis and rising inflation, packed with the key tools you need to protect yourself from the fallout. Neither an economic treatise nor a collection of specific investment advice, the book is intended as a resource to help empower citizens to take action to protect their money from the coming government-induced hyperinflation Essential reading for individual investors and general business readers alike who want to keep their money safe when inflation sets in A runaway self-publishing hit, this new edition is fully revised and updated Get the information you need to formulate your own plan of action to protect your investments The U.S. dollar is almost certain to have a sustained run of extremely high inflation over the next decade because of continued huge government deficits and unfunded liabilities, and this book is the resource you need to be ready.