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Reverend Bailey wrote this book mainly for those who have known the loss of a child. The years have brought healing and spiritual growth to him, his wife and children. They want to pass this on to another generation. After reading this very personal testimony of faith you may want to share it with someone else who is hurting.Having stepped down as Executive Director of the Ranch and passing the torch to his son, David, Dave Baily, Sr. continues to work at Ranch Hope, assisting in publicity and fundraising. He also continues his radio ministry-Ranch Hope's Wonderous Story- in its 62nd year.Dave wrote the story of Ranch Hope in Hope for Dead End Kids, recently republished an update under the title Ranch Hope A Ministry's 50 year Journey. He also authored The Book of Hope. In The Book of Hope, Dave Bailey presents every verse in the Bible that mentions hope. He gives us examples from the lives of Job, King David, Solomon, Isaiah, and other prophets, the Book of Acts, and Epistles, as well as historical and contemporary figures.A dynamic leader, evangelist and youth worker; Dave Baily, Sr. received his masters degree from Crozer (presently Colgate Rochester Divinity School). Five decades ago, he founded Ranch Hope in Alloway, New Jersey. Active in local and national Christian organizations, he also broadcasts several radio programs in the greater Northeast.