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beyond level b1 sb book premium pack

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English Download is an exciting new multi-level course especially written to appeal to teenagers and young adults alike. The Intermediate level is suitable for students working to achieve a B1 level of competence within the Common European Framework. English Download B1 Grammar is a reference and practice book providing students with further practice of the grammar presented in English Download B1 Student’s Book. It can be used alongside English Download B1 Student’s Book or with any course at B1 level. English Download B1 Grammar contains: 12 units that start with a grammar presentation in the form of an interesting web-style page; clear, simple grammar theory presented in the same order as it appears in English Download B1 Student’s Book; a wide variety of practice exercises; a speaking task and a writing task in each unit that encourage students to use the grammar productively in contextualised situations; regular progress reviews that consolidate the grammar learnt in the preceding two units. At the back of English Download B1 Grammar, there are tables presenting verb forms, a summary of spelling rules and also an irregular verbs list.

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