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an overview on national patent law

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As individuals and companies realise the importance of their inventions, issues surrounding patent laws and practices are taking centre stage around the world. Patent Strategy introduces researchers to patent applications and patent portfolios. With minimum use of ‘legal jargon’ it provides the technical professional with the assistance and advice they require to understand the legal complexities that they may encounter before and during a patent application. It also discusses the responsibilities of the researcher after patent applications have been filed and the role the researcher can play in the maintenance of a global patent estate. This updated edition of the best selling book has been expanded to keep pace with modern day movements and addresses the global issue surrounding intellectual property. Including new information on areas such as software and biotechnology it shows the techniques that can be used by individuals and academic inventors to protect their work and is the ideal reference source. Bridges the gap between the legal system and scientific research and avoids legal jargon Details the reasons behind patents, their importance and relevance to all researchers and the strategy needed for filing for a patent Focuses on the strategy and reasons rather than just being a textbook of patent law Presents an overview of tools a researcher can use while working with a patent attorney or agent Adopts a readable style that explains the basics right up to developing a strategy Essential reading for all those who wish to keep pace and protect their work Reviews from previous edition: «…I can recommend it for technology managing types. Does a nice job of explaining many aspects of the patent system and patent strategies with a minimum of jargon and case citations…» —Internet Patent News «…provides an enlightened approach to a complex subject. It is relatively easy to read and follow…» – Polymers Paint and Colour Journal «This handy book provides the researcher with useful guidance on how to maximize the benefit of their inventiveness to themselves and their organization». —Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

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