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Major changes in gas turbine design, especially in the design and complexity of engine control systems, have led to the need for an up to date, systems-oriented treatment of gas turbine propulsion. Pulling together all of the systems and subsystems associated with gas turbine engines in aircraft and marine applications, Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems discusses the latest developments in the field. Chapters include aircraft engine systems functional overview, marine propulsion systems, fuel control and power management systems, engine lubrication and scavenging systems, nacelle and ancillary systems, engine certification, unique engine systems and future developments in gas turbine propulsion systems. The authors also present examples of specific engines and applications. Written from a wholly practical perspective by two authors with long careers in the gas turbine & fuel systems industries, Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems provides an excellent resource for project and program managers in the gas turbine engine community, the aircraft OEM community, and tier 1 equipment suppliers in Europe and the United States. It also offers a useful reference for students and researchers in aerospace engineering.

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